Get relief using natural allergy remedies

Natural allergy remedies are a real source of relief for sufferers of all ages. Fortunately, since they don’t involve chemicals or drugs of any kind, most of them can be used on everyone from young children to senior citizens. If you’re looking for an allergy remedy that you can try yourself at home, consider this list.  

1) Saline Nasal Pot Also known as a Neti pot, this handheld device is used to flush the nasal passages. First, you fill it with a saline solution that can be purchased pre-made or can simply be mixed at home with just boiled water and non-iodized salt. Tilt your head over a sink and pour it in through one side of the nose. The water will come out the other side, flushing out pollen, allergens, and other buildup.  

2) Steam Inhalation For those who feel congested, inhaling steam can offer tremendous relief. Even holding a hot cup of tea and inhaling its steam often feels good and can clear out the nasal passages. For a more intense treatment, create a nasal steam bath. Start by boiling water on the stove. Once it is boiling, remove the pan and add a few essential oils, such as eucalyptus, rosemary, and tea tree. Place your head a safe distance above the pan, draping a towel over your head and the pan, trapping much of the steam inside. You can safely repeat this up to three times daily for a refreshing, cleansing effect.  

3) HEPA Filter An air purifier that has a built-in HEPA filter is a great tool in capturing pet dander, dust, and pollen from the air. Central heating and cooling systems that feature built in HEPA filter performance offer even better results.  

4) Showering Taking a shower after coming home after a day outside is considered to be an effective allergy remedy for many sufferers because it removes allergens from the skin. It also stops you from wearing outside clothes in the house for extended periods of time, which is important since allergens can spread throughout the home on that clothing. The steam from the shower can also clear up nasal passages and provide temporary relief.  

Thanks to Shezamm for the photo of a nasal pot used to treat allergies.

Dr. Summit Shah

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