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What is immunotherapy and can it cure my allergies.

July 13, 2021

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Written by: Jessica Brown, CNP

What do allergy shots treat?

Allergy Immunotherapy (allergy shots) is a treatment plan for patients with year-round allergies, as well as someone with seasonal allergies, grasses, trees, weeds, and molds, dust mite and pet dander. This treatment plan differs from medication therapy, as it focuses on treating the cause of your symptoms, rather than just treating your symptoms. Medications provide us quick relief but do not provide sustaining relief for years like allergy shots.

How do allergy shots work?

Allergy shots work by giving you injections of the allergens you are allergic to, which slowly alters our immune system to build a tolerance to these allergens. As you a build a tolerance to the allergic triggers, you then begin to have less and less allergy symptoms and you will likely need to use less medications to manage your symptoms. Allergy immunotherapy is a great alternative for patients using medications—especially for those who do not find complete relief of their symptoms. Immunotherapy is an option for anyone hoping to decrease their use of allergy medications, and for patients who are unable to avoid their seasonal, year-round and pet dander and dust mite allergies.

Treatment planning.

Allergy shots are a commitment. Patients start by coming in once a week, but once maintenance dosing is achieved, patients then return to the office once a month for their injections. There are several different treatment plans available, that can easily work for your busy schedule. Many patients choose our accelerated treatment options, reaching maintenance dosing within 2 months. These quicker options also allow patients to see same season relief.

Will allergy shots cure my allergies?

Immunotherapy is not a cure for your allergies, as some patients will still have occasional break through symptoms, but it is the most effective way to decrease symptoms and decrease the need for medication therapy. Patients who complete a course of immunotherapy treatment will experience lasting relief for years to follow, even after discontinuation.It is the closest regimen available to a curing your allergies that is available and FDA approved. Allergy shots are covered by every insurance company because they are so effective. Patients frequently report allergy immunotherapy has been life changing. They can finally enjoy being outside during the best months of the year!