Cosmetic Allergy Specialist

Identify & Prevent Reactions To Beauty Products

What are cosmetic allergies?

Soaps, hair products, makeup, lotion, and other beauty/cosmetic products contain a wide variety of ingredients. And while these are usually harmless, some people may develop allergic responses to one or more common cosmetic compounds.
This usually results in a skin rash (contact dermatitis), or related symptoms like eye, nose, and mouth irritation, peeling skin, or hives. In severe cases, it could lead to wheezing, airway problems, or anaphylaxis.


Common Cosmetic Allergens

Natural rubber

Many people are allergic to latex (natural rubber), which can be found in some beauty products.


There are about 26 common fragrances that may cause allergic reactions. Some of the most common compounds include linalool, citral, benzyl alcohol, and citronellol.


Some ingredients used as preservatives may cause allergic reactions, such as formaldehyde, Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and Methylchloroisothiazolinone (CMIT).

Dyes and color additives

Certain natural or artificial coloring agents can cause allergies, like PPD and coal tar.


Some beauty products like mascara may include nickel, and many cosmetic products contain trace amounts of gold. Both nickel and gold are common allergens.

Diagnosing Cosmetic Allergies With Patch Testing

The primary way to identify cosmetic allergies is through “patch testing.” As the name suggests, this is done by applying a small amount of a potential allergen to a patch of skin. The allergen is left in place for up to 48 hours or longer. Then, the team at Premier Allergy & Asthma will look for a reaction, such as contact dermatitis (skin irritation) or other responses.

We are able to patch test for a wide variety of compounds that are commonly included in cosmetic and beauty products, including all of the allergens listed above.

Treating & Preventing Cosmetic Allergies

Identify allergens

The first step toward relief is to identify allergens. It’s very important to know which compounds and ingredients cause allergic reactions, especially since some beauty products may contain dozens or hundreds of ingredients. Patch testing is the best way to identify allergens and make sure you can avoid them.

Find alternative beauty products

Once Premier Allergy & Asthma has identified your allergens, you can take steps to change your routine and avoid ingredients that cause allergic reactions. For example, if you’re allergic to fragrances, you and your family can switch to fragrance-free soap, body wash, shampoo, and conditioners.

How We Help – Get Relief From Cosmetic Allergies

At Premier Allergy & Asthma, we’re experts at tracking down and identifying cosmetic allergies. We can work with you to discuss products that have caused reactions, patch test for common allergic compounds, and identify the compounds that are causing your allergic response.

We can help patients of all ages, and help you get relief from itchiness, rashes, and other more severe symptoms of cosmetic allergies. We operate all throughout central Ohio, and are here to help. Just give us a call at (614) 328-9927 to schedule an appointment with an allergist, and get the help you need right away. We’re always accepting new patients.