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Are you or your kids struggling with stomach aches, constant itching, or breathing issues? Living with allergies and asthma doesn’t just disrupt your day, it can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and discouraged. You need a team that listens to your pain points and deeply cares about getting you back on track to lifelong health and wellness.

That’s where we come in.

From the moment you enter one of our 12 Premier Allergy & Asthma clinics, our upbeat providers work by your side to craft a customized treatment plan that addresses the root issue, alleviates symptoms, and trains your body to build immunity so allergies and asthma can no longer disrupt your life. With our results-focused and compassionate approach, we’re genuinely committed to helping you or your child live allergy and asthma-free for good.

What to expect at your first visit

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speedy Check-In

When you or your child are in pain, care can’t wait. That’s why our team is committed to getting you in our office within one week of reaching out for an appointment. To keep your first visit as simple and streamlined as possible, we offer digital new patient forms to help you avoid the hassle of paperwork in the waiting room.


Honest Discussion

Your provider will take the time to listen to your or your child’s needs, understand the areas of discomfort, and outline a structured plan to ensure quick relief with long-term effects. Our team is excited to get to know you or your child as you embark on a journey back to better health.

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Swift Testing

Thanks to our revolutionary in-house technology, asthma and allergy testing is now faster and less painful than ever before. With needle-free testing and accelerated treatment options, you can enjoy quick, painless appointments so you can continue on the path to relief with ease.

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Same Day Results

We understand that you may be anxious to discover your test results after your first appointment. To keep your healing journey moving quickly, test results will be available to access on your Patient Portal within 24 hours of your initial visit.

Sit back, relax, get comfortable

When you or your child are in pain and distress, little comforts go a long way. Our boutique offices are carefully curated to ensure a warm, memorable visit from start to finish. Soft sofas, beverage bars, and TVs with Netflix are just a few of the many details we’ve added to make your stay with us as soothing as possible.


State Of The Art Technology

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Providing care beyond our doors

Our team is committed to offering life-changing solutions for anyone suffering from allergies and asthma. That’s why we’re proud partners with the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Nationwide Children’s, Mount Carmel, and Ohio Health to make world-class care available and accessible for everyone. Together, we can minimize the allergies and asthma symptoms that discourage lives and pave the way to flourishing health for all in Ohio. The next time you step into our office, you can feel great knowing that Premier Allergy & Asthma is taking active steps to better the communities we call home.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

See what patients Are Saying

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Dr. Patel took the time to listen to me and include me in a shared decision conversation. I appreciate a physician who does not try to push medications on patients, but instead finds the best solution together.

Stacey t.

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I came in to see Dr. Rana for skin testing, specifically food sensitivity, investigating the cause of reflux I have been suffering from for 3 months. Dr. Rana took the time to ask and listen to my symptoms. I left with confidence that I am on the right track now to get my reflux under control and with gratitude that she didn’t just see me as someone with an open wallet.

jane t.

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I had been dealing with chronic hives for years and was at the end of my rope. Thankfully I found Premier Allergy and Dr. Dang. After one visit with him, the problem seems to have been solved! Thank you, Dr. Dang and the incredible staff at Premier Allergy!! Your attention to detail and genuine care has made my life so much better. I am eternally grateful to you all!!

Brian S.

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Dr. Patel is excellent! She took the time to help me fully understand what was wrong with me and how she would work with me to get me to a point of better health. It is so refreshing to have a doctor that actually takes the time to explain and provide solutions to major health issues I’ve had for many years! This facility and staff are a breath of fresh air… it’s wonderful to feel that someone truly cares and listens to you.

terri v.

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I just went in yesterday for allergy testing. I was completely blown away by the amount of time and care the nurses and doctors took with me. The biggest concern for me was getting my asthma under control and the doctor switched up my medications and I'm already feeling better, less than 24 hours later! It's so crazy! I'm so impressed already and cannot wait to continue to go and get the help that I've needed for so long!

amanda B.

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The office is clean and COVID compliant. The staff is wonderful. I was listened to and treated with kindness. I did not feel one bit rushed. Treatment is conservative. No one tried to get me to have extra services I did not need. Highly recommend.

Robert f.

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All the staff at Premier Allergy are always positive and friendly and they make your stop as quick as possible. It is a very family-friendly environment with fun Disney movies playing all the time. It is definitely a good place to go for any allergy or asthma issues you might have.

Kait N.

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This practice fit me in on short notice when I had an undiagnosed reaction. Their staff is friendly and professional, and made me feel so welcome. Fast forward a few weeks, and I'm undergoing cluster immunotherapy and sitting in a comfy recliner between treatments. Thank you!

Jenny s.

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This allergist company is great! They have many locations, and the two I have been to have been great. Very clean and professional. The staff is friendly and personable. They are upfront about costs, making financial decisions easier. They ran on time, no long waiting periods, and even took me early! 5 stars without a doubt.


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The staff and nurse practitioner were all outstanding. I finally received some answers. The front desk gave me the codes and names for the vials and procedures so I could double check the coverage with my insurance.

Valerie B.

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Quick and efficient, loved that they spoke to my insurance before my appointment and treatment. Took all the guess work out of the process!

Margie W.

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The entire office was professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. They took the time needed to address concerns and ensure we understood - including providing supporting information. Specifically, Dr. Dang was knowledgeable, personable, answered all our questions, and clearly set this tone for the entire office. Most importantly - I felt comfortable enough to recommend Dr. Dang to our adult children and our grandson.

tom f.

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Dr. Dang was amazing. My 10 month old had a follow-up appointment with him for her severe eczema. He took the time to listen about everything we have done up until this point, which has been a lot. I finally feel like we are getting somewhere. It might not even be allergy-related but he was still very knowledgeable on eczema in general which was helpful.

Katy K.

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star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

Had a great first visit today! Ben was so personable, knowledgeable, and helpful, as was the entire staff. So happy that I finally made an appointment to get my allergies and asthma under control. I am very confident that I am in excellent hands. Highly recommended!!!!

Veronica C.