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Can Allergies Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes?

April 18, 2022

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The Relationship Between Allergies and Lymph Nodes

Allergy season is just around the corner. And whether you have seasonal allergies or allergies to certain pets or other substances, you may be wondering if your allergic reaction can cause your lymph nodes to swell. Is this a common reaction? And does it indicate that you’re allergic to something around you?

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The answer is actually more complicated than “yes” or “no.” Allergies can cause swollen lymph nodes, but this isn’t very common. In this blog from Premier Allergy & Asthma, we’ll discuss the details about allergies and lymph nodes, and how they interact.

What Are Lymph Nodes, And Why Do They Swell Up?

Lymph nodes are an important part of your lymphatic system. As the name suggests, this is a system that sends lymph fluid throughout your body. This system is a critical part of your immune system. It collects viruses, bacteria, waste products, and fluid from throughout your body, and sends them into your lymph nodes.

Your lymph nodes work as a filter, destroying harmful substances that may be present in your body. You’ve got hundreds of them throughout your body, but the ones you’re most likely to notice are located in your neck, under your arms, and near your groin.

When the lymph nodes react to an infection and work to filter out harmful substances, they begin to swell. So if you’ve ever noticed swollen nodes during a fever or another infection, that’s why. They swell because they're working with your immune system to make you better.

Swollen Lymph Nodes Can Be Caused By Allergies, But It’s Not Common

So, do allergies cause your lymph nodes to swell up? The answer is usually “no.” Allergies are different from infections, so your lymph nodes won’t usually swell due to allergies, particularly seasonal allergies.

However, there are some cases when swollen lymph nodes can be caused by allergies. This is more common in kids, or in people with very severe allergies. So if your lymph nodes are swollen, it’s most likely not due to your allergies, but due to something else, like some other infection in your body. And that leads us to our next point.

Your Lymph Nodes Could Swell Up Due To A Secondary Infection

People with allergies may be more likely to develop secondary infections like sinus infections, especially if their sinuses tend to get clogged up due to seasonal allergies. If you’re experiencing allergy symptoms and your lymph nodes are swollen, it’s most likely due to some kind of secondary infection.  

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