Benefits of Oral Food Immunotherapy

Traditionally, treatment for food allergies has always been to avoid the substance and carry an epinephrine autoinjector pen for those times when you accidentally ingest an offending ingredient. Oral food immunotherapy is a newer and sometimes better treatment option for millions of Americans who struggle with food allergies.

Our allergy specialists at Premier Allergy & Asthma are well-known for their exceptional medical skills and commitment to providing the most effective treatments available for allergies, asthma, and other immunologic disorders, including immunotherapy that targets food allergies.

We serve individuals of all ages from 10 beautiful, family-friendly offices in Ohio and are happy to answer questions about oral food immunotherapy and how our team uses it to tackle allergies.

What is oral food immunotherapy?

Like those “allergy shots” you may be familiar with, oral food immunotherapy is designed to train your immune system to ignore substances (allergens) it mistakenly identifies as toxins. By introducing small but increasing amounts of the offending food regularly over several months, we can help desensitize your system and thus prevent severe allergic reactions to peanuts, strawberries, eggs, and other common food triggers.

What are the benefits of oral food immunotherapy?

It’s not for everyone, but when it works as designed, oral immunotherapy can provide numerous health benefits. Probably the most beneficial is to help reduce the severity of your reaction to certain food allergens.

This can provide significant relief to individuals who currently face considerable challenges in avoiding even trace amounts of triggering substances that may outlast even careful cleaning and disinfecting procedures, such as peanut oil residue on cooking utensils.

Overall, while each case is different and individual responses can vary, the advantages of oral food immunotherapy versus simple avoidance may include:

Oral food immunotherapy is not for everyone, but it is becoming an increasingly acceptable treatment when exacting safety measures are maintained during and after therapy.

Is oral food immunotherapy safe?

Oral food immunotherapy intentionally introduces substances that can cause severe allergic reactions, including life-threatening anaphylaxis. This therapy must be undertaken in a closely supervised environment with qualified medical professionals standing by to counter a severe reaction. This is especially vital when a new food substance or increasing amounts of a food is introduced.

Here at Premier Allergy & Asthma, our medical team always performs a thorough evaluation before recommending any type of allergy treatment. Your pretreatment assessment typically includes diagnostic testing that may include a food challenge.

This helps us identify the nature and severity of your existing allergy. Based on those results and other factors, such as your age and overall health, we develop a customized treatment plan that’s focused on safety as well as success.

For the most effective allergy treatment available, offered in a welcoming environment that focuses on your care and comfort, schedule a visit with us at Premier Allergy & Asthma today. Call the office that’s most convenient for you or request an appointment online.

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