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If your child is displaying the symptoms of allergies, come to the pediatric allergist Columbus trusts for top-notch care and friendly service. Premier Allergy & Asthma provides a resource for parents and patients to help prevent, diagnose, and treat all kinds of allergies and immunologic disorders. They work with a variety of ages, from adults and teenagers to newborns and children. Dr. Shah is a board-certified allergist with years of experience working with children and adults alike. When you need help managing allergies, the caring staff at Premier Allergy & Asthma is ready to provide exceptional care. We can treat a variety of conditions, including hives, eye allergies, eczema, and chronic sinus and respiratory infections.

It can be confusing and upsetting when your child displays symptoms of an allergy, and it can be overwhelming when you are unsure what is causing it. When you are looking for a pediatric allergy doctor, Ohio parents should look for a practitioner willing to becoming a partner in their child’s health and well being. In his practice, Dr. Shah has particular interest in pediatric allergies and a strong commitment to his patients. As a Columbus pediatric allergist, Dr. Shah is also an active physician at Nationwide Childrens’ Hospital.

Our coordinated care approach combines medical care with patient and parent education to help you understand what foods, substances, and environments trigger allergies. Most treatments are focused on preventative care. Our offices also provide resources to help parents learn about their child’s conditions. We believe that through education we can help parents and children effectively deal with their conditions and prevent future reactions.

When you work with our team, medical professionals will monitor your child’s health and treat their symptoms, and with years of experience, we can help children feel at ease in our offices while we treat them. We understand how to talk to children with questions about their symptoms in order to properly diagnose conditions for appropriate treatment. To aid in the diagnosis process, our facilities are equipped to administer a variety of traditional and advanced diagnostic testing. And since we stay abreast of changes in the pharmaceutical community, we offer our patients the best possible medications on the market.

When they need a pediatric allergist, Columbus parents and young patients are welcome at Premier Allergy & Asthma, and we look forward to providing both you and your child the exceptional care you deserve. Please contact our offices to schedule your appointment.

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