Immunodeficiency is a disorder that can be caused by a number of specific diseases. It causes a person’s immune system to function irregularly when dealing with a foreign organism. As such, a person can suffer from recurring, longer-lasting infections. Many times, these episodes of sickness may be caused by organisms that would not make a person sick if they had a regularly functioning immune system. Most cases are secondary, meaning that a person receives the affliction from another person, however, there are cases that are considered primary, in which a person is born with defects in the immune system.

People with this disorder might suffer from recurring sinusitis, ear infections, pneumonia, or bronchitis. Children can also tend to suffer from thrush, which is a fungal infection of the mouth, several types of skin infection, and mucous membranes in the mouth, eyes, and genital areas. Gastrointestinal infections are also accented, and can cause diarrhea and weight loss.

In order to diagnose a case of immunodeficiency, a patient needs to have a comprehensive assessment, which includes a medical history evaluation. Laboratory tests performed by an allergist are important, as are the results of a complete physical examination. There are different kinds of the disorder, which can be diagnosed by the types of infection a patient tends to deal with.

There are treatment methods for different kinds of immunodeficiency disorders, but there is no cure. In order to maintain a patient’s quality of life, treatments are regularly administered in order to control the infections. There can be preventative treatments of antibodies administered in order to fight off an incoming or current infection. Injections of immunoglobulins can help patients with low antibody levels.

In Columbus, Ohio, it is important to diagnose and understand the details of a person’s immunodeficiency disorder. Feel free to speak with a Premier Allergy & Asthma professional to schedule a comprehensive diagnosis and make sure that you are regularly treated.

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