About Premier Allergy & Asthma



At Premier Allergy & Asthma, we test our patients for we a variety of allergens that you may be allergic to including chemicals, medications/drugs and food. Most of our allergy testing is needle-free so you can say goodbye to the old bloody, screaming visits to your allergist. No blood draws. Most of our testing is done the same day as your initial office visit and is tested on your back- a nice convenience for you.



For those with severe allergies and asthma, we offer several types of allergy shots that can transition an allergic patient into becoming “un-allergic.” Traditional allergy shots take several years and offer relief only several months to years later. Our expedited immunotherapy options, including Rush and Cluster Immunotherapies, offer relief within weeks, allowing you to feel better before the end of the season.



Food allergies and intolerances are becoming more prevalent than ever before. If you think you or your child might have a food allergy, our specially trained allergens can provide testing to determine the cause of your reactions. Our specialists will sit down with you to discuss any questions and concerns you may have about living with food allergies and how to avoid a reaction. We also offer oral immunotherapy (OIT) as a treatment option to help build up tolerance to food allergens.