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Treat Allergy Symptoms with Rush Immunotherapy

If you suffer from seasonal allergies and have managed your symptoms with regular allergy shots year after year, it may be time to try rush immunotherapy from Premier Allergy. With this aggressive yet safe alternative, you can jumpstart a solution within a single day. We are one of the premiere providers of the new treatment for seasonal allergies and have helped many of our patients find relief.

Rush immunotherapy works much like allergy shots, the traditional treatment plan that helps allergy sufferers manage symptoms of common allergens. However, instead of 50 shots over the course of a year, our office will administer the same dosage within 4-6 shots over the course of a day. With controlled exposure to tiny amounts of allergens, you can slowly build up a tolerance. With a shot given once every hour, you can build up that tolerance quicker. During your treatment, we will closely monitor you to ensure you don’t experience any adverse reactions. After your one-day session, there will be a follow up with additional treatments for a couple of months but, for many of our patients, rush immunotherapy provides a permanent cure for seasonal allergies.

You should not have to put your life on hold because of your allergies. When you choose rush immunotherapy, you will get faster, permanent results and save time. This treatment is covered by most insurance plans. Ask your provider about getting rush immunotherapy allergy treatment covered by your plan or visit Premier Allergy to talk with an allergist about your symptoms. With 8 convenient locations in the Columbus, Ohio area, we look forward to helping you find a solution that works for your needs and lifestyle. Call today to set your appointment.

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