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Hit Your 30’s, Yet? Expect Your Allergies To Get Worse!

Scientists have studied that those who suffer from allergies have bodies that produce a specific antibody in response to its exposure to substances that are harmless in most cases; these substances can include peanuts, pollen, cat and dog dander, and more. Scientists also discovered that symptoms tend to change as people age.

As many understand today, the explanation is relatively simple. When someone is very young, between birth and the age of 18, they tend to remain in the same environment and therefore, around the same substances. Parents or other adults probably serve them the same types of food and use the same laundry detergent and cleaning supplies for most of their life, so far.

When someone moves out of their family’s home, the substances around them will be different. In a college dorm, for instance, pets aren’t there, mattresses are covered in plastic, and tiles are on the floor rather than carpet. Removing potential allergens can help to lessen allergic reactions and symptoms in this stage.

Once the thirties begin, however, people tend to report an increase in their symptoms. This can be a result of many things. Having children in their home can be one of the reasons. Kids carry huge amounts of germs and allergens; they spread them to anyone who’s around.

Some reasons can be purely psychological. For instance, a person in their twenties is normally better at distracting themselves from symptoms by engaging in so many other pursuits. The logic here is simple - someone who is young and having fun won’t let allergies stop them. Someone in their thirties is more likely to notice and complain about their symptoms.

So what can someone in their thirties do to get rid of their resurgence of allergies? The perfect answer is being researched. However, you can choose to live such an exciting life that you don’t even notice, like twenty year olds, or you can simply continue taking your allergy medications.

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