What You Need to Know About Sanofi’s New 5-Year Digital Asthma Study

    Wednesday, 02 January 2019 14:30  Blog

The pharmaceutical company Sanofi, in collaboration with Sema4—a predictive health company that spun out of Mount Sinai Health System—just launched a major study to help improve our understanding of asthma, as well as our ability to provide better treatments and recommendations to those who suffer from asthma.

This new longitudinal study, which will take place over five years and involve nearly 1,200 asthma patients, is unique in that it is employing cutting-edge digital and analytical methods to gain enormous amounts of data related to asthma in real-time and to produce valuable, actionable insights from these data.

Using assets like connected inhalers, sensor data from mobile devices, and environmental, genomic, and immunological information, the researchers will track and analyze how asthma affects individuals – and how it affects certain people differently than it affects others. They will also track what triggers asthma attacks, the mechanisms by which asthma occurs, and which patients are most likely to respond to specific therapeutic interventions.

Given that approximately 235 million people suffer from asthma across the globe and that roughly 400,000 people die each year as a result of the disease, there are significant opportunities to gather information about the disease, make sense of that information, and then use it to improve the global state of asthma and asthma care.

With the help of sophisticated machine learning techniques, Sanofi and Sema4 will not only be able to collect huge amounts of data on asthma and asthma patients, but they will also be able to process those data efficiently and translate the data into meaningful information that should allow clinicians and researchers to make better predictions about the course of asthma in individual patients

This information should also improve clinical decision making related to providing patients with the best therapeutic options that are currently available to them. In addition, this new information is likely to help the research community identify new drug targets to improve and expand the tools we currently have to address asthma and improve quality of life for those with the condition.

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