These Appliances Will Help You Rid Your Home of Allergens

    Monday, 03 June 2019 11:54  Blog

Even if the only time we spend at home is while sleeping, we spend a significant amount of time in our houses. For people with allergies, ridding the home of as many allergens as possible can improve quality of life and reduce allergy symptoms on a daily basis. While it may be difficult to completely remove all allergens, using certain appliances can have a large impact in decreasing the number of allergens in your home. Some of the most beneficial appliances are:

  • Vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters built into them. HEPA filters help to trap even the smallest dust particles. Using these kinds of vacuums in the house at least once a week can be incredibly helpful in getting rid of problematic allergens.
  • Fresh air filters in the HVAC system. Fresh filters will trap more dust than older filters and will also keep the system operating efficiently so that air is well circulated.
  • Stand-alone air purifiers. Air purifiers work by both circulating air around rooms and also trapping particles in the air. Research on the impact of air purifiers has found that when air purifiers are used properly, they can reduce particulate matter by about 50%.
  • Exhaust fan over stove. Humidity in the house can lead to mold that can cause or exacerbate allergy symptoms. Using an exhaust fan over the stove - particularly when cooking with high heat - can help reduce humidity and resulting mold.

Technological innovations have been beneficial for those with allergies because they have led to the development of effective and affordable appliances that can help us combat allergy symptoms and allergic reactions. However, there are also some very simple solutions to help rid houses of allergens. For instance, replacing bedding regularly and ensuring that bedding is made of cotton rather than synthetic fibers can help to minimize allergic reactions. Switching out rugs can also get pet dander, pollen, and dust out of the house. Combining these different strategies is the best way to ensure that your house is as allergen-free as possible

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