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    Friday, 20 May 2011 00:00  Blog

As the number of people suffering from seasonal allergies rises, it’s been increasingly important to discover new ways to combat allergic reactions and symptoms. There are current medical practices and medications that can manage symptoms, but rarely does a treatment aim to eliminate the problem. A new way of treating patients with these health issues is through a new method called rush immunotherapy. This not only helps reduce the frequency of reactions or the severity of symptoms, but it has in many cases helped patients overcome allergies all together. Learn more about Premier Allergy & Asthma rush immunotherapy allergy treatment.


The method replaces the more common practice of immunization shots over the course of a year. Throughout the year, patients have met with their allergist to build up an immunity to common seasonal allergies, such as ragweed. This helps them build immunity to the allergen when the seasons change. Over the course of several hours in a single day, patients will receive regular immunizations. The benefits of rush immunotherapy are much more profound and long lasting. In one day, patients will receive up to six shots, each shot including the equivalent of 20 single shots. The frequency planned is one shot per hour over 4 to 6 hours. Because an immunization is a small amount of that which you are allergic to, patients undergoing this treatment will remain in the medical offices for observations so as to monitor the effects of the immunizations. This also ensures that should an issue arise, you will have access to emergency care.  

Using this method, patients will more effectively build up an immunity to particular allergens. Many of the patients that go through this treatment find that, over time, they are symptom free. This then eliminates the need for future treatment, providing a life long cure for treated seasonal allergies. To learn more about our approach to rush immunotherapy, we welcome you to explore your options by contacting Premier Allergy & Asthma. This treatment is covered by insurance plans!

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