Prepare for Early Allergies as Spring Hits

    Wednesday, 24 April 2013 00:00  Blog

spring-allergies-300x169Spring gets the reputation of being the most beautiful time of the year because of all the flowers in bloom, but for allergy suffers, this isn’t what they think of when they realize that spring has sprung. The same bee pollen that makes the flowers grow also makes your nose runny and stuffy. Allergy sufferers experience anything from headaches to coughing fits. And with the combination of a wet winter and alternating warm and cold spells, tree pollen has been bursting forth a bit early this year.

Before you start to dread the outdoors, realize that you can plan ahead by visiting an allergist who can provide treatment to prevent the onslaught of such unforgiving allergies. A physical examination can determine how much pollen affects you. You may be able to avoid the sniffles and runny eyes with just over-the-counter medication. If this is not the case, further testing could help. A scratch test can tell you whether you’re hypersensitive to the allergens that float about in the spring air. From here, a doctor can determine the extent of treatment needed. Other preventative measures could include immunotherapy shots that help bolster patients’ immune system and pollen tolerance level.

Just like with any medical condition, being fully informed is important, and you should find out all you can about how you can alleviate your allergy symptoms by visiting an allergist.  Contact Premier Allergy & Asthma to schedule your appointment!

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