New Surgical Procedure Offers Hope to Those With Severe Asthma

    Thursday, 25 September 2014 00:00  Blog

new allergy surgical treatmentFor those who suffer from asthma, treatment is more than important–in the most serious of cases, receiving quality care can be a matter of life and death. Those with the most advanced and complicated cases depend on medication on a daily basis just to stay alive. And while a complex, customized mix of inhalers and pills can often grant relief, it may take more than that to fight this disease. 

Researchers and industry experts continue to work to provide new and better solutions for patients. As new products become available, allergists are creating more and more individualized plans that give their patients a better quality of life. They take factors like age, symptoms, severity of the disease, and any potential medication side effects into consideration. Furthermore, an asthma treatment plan may be altered year to year, or even more than once per year, as new medications and other options become available.

Inhalers are often the first option that’s explored. Many combine a steroid with a bronchodilator. Pills known as leukotriene receptors reduce airway inflammation by blocking the chemical reaction that causes it. These pills use a different approach than inhalers in that they do not have steroids. Some patients use a combination of both treatments or of multiple inhalers to treat their symptoms.

Those with the most severe symptoms cannot get relief by using these prescription medications. For situations such as this, the newly FDA-approved procedure known as bronchial thermoplasty may be an ideal solution. The entire procedure is spread out over a series of 3 surgeries in which a catheter is inserted into the lungs. A powerful heat destroys the smooth muscle there that is often guilty of restricting airways. This smooth muscle not only restricts and blocks airways, but it can also constrict lungs further in response to an allergy trigger. 

While bronchial thermoplasty is only recommended in the most severe of cases, it’s good to know that researchers continue to develop new solutions for those who seek asthma treatment. 

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