How to Keep Food Allergies Under Control During the Holidays

    Tuesday, 03 December 2013 00:00  Blog

If you suffer from food allergies during the holidays, you’re not alone. The holiday season means lots of eating out, whether at restaurants, parties, or friends’ houses. For many people, all that eating out can cause a few issues. There’s no reason to limit your social schedule or suffer through allergic reactions though. With just a little planning and preparation, you can keep those reactions to a minimum and enjoy this wonderful time of year with family and friends. Follow these allergy tips so you can have joyful and allergy-free festivities:

First, don’t give in to temptation. Holiday parties are chock full of goodies that you’ll be tempted to try. If you know–or suspect–that a dish has something you’re allergic to in it, skip over it. There is always plenty of food available, so find another dish to try that won’t leave you suffering later on.

Next, don’t be afraid to ask what’s in a dish. Your host or hostess will no doubt understand that you’re trying to avoid an allergic reaction and should have no qualms with sharing details about the food. Be clear about what your allergies are so they can specifically think of any ingredients that may pose a problem.

Lastly, bring a dish you know you can eat. If the food you’re sensitive to is especially hard to avoid, it will be convenient to have at least one option that you’ll be able to enjoy. In the case of an office party or other big group event, ask a few of your closest friends or colleagues to bring dishes you know you’ll be able to eat as well.

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