Could A New Pill End The Suffering Of Ragweed Allergies?

    Tuesday, 25 March 2014 00:00  Blog

iStock 000012840607Small-300x199Ragweed sufferers may now be able to find relief in the form of a one-a-day pill. Ragweed allergy is commonly referred to as hay fever, or by the medical term seasonal allergic rhinitis. Sufferers often experience stuffy noses, itchy, watery eyes, and congestion, sometimes so severe that they seek relief from an allergist. Midwest residents are particularly susceptible to the condition, due to the amount of pollen the environment produces. However, until now, there was no medical remedy specifically targeted at this particular malady.

A team of physician-scientists at Johns Hopkins have released information about a new, one-a-day pill that could end the suffering related to ragweed allergies. This pill contains a concentrated dose of ragweed pollen protein, or Ambrosia artemisiifolia, and is placed under the tongue to dissolve. Their studies show that the dose, taken 12 weeks before the onset of the allergy season, effectively prevents all the symptoms of the ragweed allergy. Doctor approval has been widespread, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory committee ruling that the pill is safe and effective.

So when will this revolutionary new drug be available to the public? That may take some time, experts predict. The FDA hasn’t officially approved the new drug, and warns that the pill only affects the symptoms of ragweed, so people who are allergic to other plants as well may not get the relief they expect.  

If you are currently suffering from pollen-related symptoms, consider visiting your local allergist. You can receive weekly or monthly shots that have proven to reduce allergy symptoms. People with severe allergies know how difficult living with this problem can be, and in some cases symptoms can actually hinder daily activities. Hopefully this new drug will ease the pain of millions of ragweed sufferers.

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