Allergies got you down? 7 Tips to Fight Back.

    Monday, 07 July 2014 14:30  Blog

158947197Allergies got you down? It's time to fight back. While you can't mitigate what's outside, you can control the inside of your home. Follow these seven tips to allergy-proof your house. Take back control of your life.

1) Change air filters as directed. People often forget this simple task, but it means a world of difference. An old, clogged filter builds up allergens over time, pumping them back into your home through your heating or cooling system. If changed regularly, a new, clean filter won't blow back allergens.

2) Ditch the drapes. Install blinds or shades instead. Blinds or shades don't trap allergens like cloth and cloth-like materials, and are easier to clean with household products.

3) Get rid of wall-to-wall carpet. Carpets accumulate pet dander, dust, pollen, and more, an allergy attack waiting to happen, all underneath your feet. When you step across the carpet you kick allergens into the air before they slowly settle back into the carpet and into a vicious cycle. Install easy-to-clean hardwood floors instead.

4) Clean your bathroom. Any allergy doctor will tell you there are more than 10,000 species of mold on the planet and they all love warm, moist places like your bathroom. Clean it regularly. Remove standing water. Ventilate it.

5) Pump allergens out, not in. Many built-in home-fanning systems like those in your bathroom or kitchen circulate indoor air. If there are particles that upset your allergies, install a true exhaust system that forces unwanted particles out of your home entirely.

6) Purchase a testing kit. Kits will indicate what allergens reside in your home so you can pinpoint the cause, like pet dander, and mitigate it.

7) Purchase a standing air filter. These machines improve your allergies by trapping airborne allergens and clean the air your breath.

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