Allergies Can Attack You In Your Home! Tips On Fighting Them

    Monday, 23 June 2014 13:33  Blog

allergiesFor people who suffer from allergies, the home can be an unexpected source of irritants. In almost every room in your home, there are allergens lurking that can make you miserable. Here are 4 tips for combatting them in your home:

1. Is there a fireplace in your house? If your fireplace is made of wood, it can be a source of displeasures. The wood you’re using may be growing mold. Be sure to check any wood before bringing it into your house.

2. Are any of your rooms carpeted? If you can replace your carpet with hardwood or tile floors, this would be a great way to reduce the amount of allergens in your home. Transitioning to hardwood floors will prevent any unwelcomed irritants from claiming a residence in your plush carpet.

3. Are your windows and doors in good shape? If replacing the carpet is not a possibility, you should make sure all windows and door entrances are in good shape and are sealed as tightly as possible. Allergens that make their way inside of your home will normally find someplace to settle.

4. Have you taken a good look at your bathroom, lately? Mold can be a huge problem on many different bathroom surfaces. It can grow on shower curtains and even be circulated through the air. To prevent this problem from spreading, you can use mold killing solutions, and an exhaust fan to help reduce the humidity in your bathroom.

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