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Seasonal allergy shots are no longer your only treatment option. Premier Allergy’s allergen experts in Columbus, OH, have found that avoidance can be one of the best treatments once the problematic allergens are identified. This approach has minimal costs and causes none of the side effects associated with medication, and in some instances, avoidance can be curative. We offer education and counseling on ways to reduce exposure and avoidance. For allergy sufferers who react to environmental allergens like molds, dust, pollen or animal dander steps can be taken to reduce the chances of coming in contact with them. In addition, asthma and other respiratory issues can be aggravated by exposure to irritants and allergens, thus avoidance may be effective at preventing asthma attacks.


If avoidance is impossible or it fails, medications are your next option for treating symptoms. Many effective, safe prescriptions and over-the-counter varieties can treat allergic diseases like eczema and allergic rhinitis as well as treating asthma. These medications can be effective treatments for acute symptoms, and they may also be used every day for the control of symptoms of things like asthma.

Allergen Immunotherapy

It is not always enough to change your environment and medications. Allergen immunotherapy effectively treats sufferers of different allergic diseases, including hay fever, insect stings and allergy-triggered asthma. If these treatments are successful, patients can experience significantly decreased symptoms and avoid additional medication, which saves time and money in the long run.

If the methods mentioned above fail to completely resolve your problems, you may find a more effective solution in allergy shots. Columbus, OH, clinic Premier Allergy treatments will help create tolerance in your body to the allergens that can cause your reactions. The process of immunization involves doses of different allergens being injected over a period of time, gradually increasing. These exposures allow your body’s immune system to develop a more appropriate response to allergen exposure. The initial injections are given weekly and are very dilute. The concentration of allergen in the solution is increased until a level is reached called a maintenance dosage. Maintenance dosages are generally administered every two to four weeks to ensure that the immune response is kept at the appropriate level. To be effective, immunization therapy should be continued for several years.

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