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Pic of Premier Allergy Staff
I didn't have allergies until I moved to Ohio. When the allergies hit me, they hit me hard. I searched online for allergy doctors and found Premier Allergy. The staff is pleasant at Premier Allergy and so is the environment. The best parts of my experience with Premier Allergy so far have been being able to figure out what I'm allergic to, finding out about the helpfulness of the nasal spray, feeling like my symptoms are less intense, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing I'm doing all I can to address this health issue.
When I moved to Ohio over a year ago, I was elated--except for the horrible time I was having with my allergies. I discovered Premier Allergy through my primary doctor and could have never expect to find a place that fit my needs so well. What really attracted me to Premier Allergy was the Rush Therapy. Having the availability to go to multiple locations as well as walk-in allergy shots is a life saver. I would definitely recommend Premier Allergy to anyone suffering from asthma or allergies.

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