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We love helping people get over their allergy problems. We also love to hear about how we've helped you in reducing your allergy issues by using our proven methods. If you wish to leave us a review, please click on the location you were treated at and follow the links at the bottom.

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I have been a patient for three years. I love this practice and the ease of dropping in anytime for my shots. I use Dublin office due to their extensive hours. My doctor referred me after being diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis. It has helped me feel better and control my allergies. Great front desk staff!

- Tara R.

My seasonal allergy symptoms were so bad that i spent most the spring, summer and fall indoors. I was missing out on my family life and they were constantly reminded not to enter my bedroom, my safe haven, if there was a chance they had pollen on them. I went through Rush and have had a great success! 2015 saw me outside with my family and enjoying activities that i could not before. The staff at Premier have been wonderful and Lauren is great at giving my injections. I rarely notice she has given them.

- Joey Z.

The staff are amazing and very friendly!! Katie made the whole experience fun and informative. I would recommend Premier Allergy to anyone who suffers with symptoms like i do. Dr. Patel is excellent and very observant. I was very happy and impressed with my entire experience from check in to check out. Keep up the good work!! Ashley was great as well!!

- Kevin M.

I have been taking allergy shots for several months and have seen improvements in my allergies, less sinus infections, less itchy eyes and congestion. The staff is friendly and very helpful.

- Mandi P.

I sleep so much better since my shots, this is my 21-st shot today. I never have a fan on blowing outside air in the house because in the morning my throat is sore. But now i can blow the outside air in on me and no sore throat in the morning, my family too notices that i am not choking and sneezing. Thanks, it works.

- James H.

I love everything about this office. Amanda and Kim are great. They make me very comfortable. I love and look forward to coming here every week.

- William A.

I've been receiving allergy shots for about 8 months weekly. My allergies seem to be improving. When i started shots i was using my inhaler daily, now just when my allergies act up. The people here are friendly and answer questions that arise. They are helpful.

- James B.

I have been doing so much better since i have had my allergy shots. Last week i mowed the grass amd after i was done i left great. Before i had allergy shots i could NOT mow grass or be out in the heat for a very long time. Premier Allergy has really made a difference in my life, i feel so much better. I'm not coughing like i was and it's been great. Thanks!

- Debra P.

I came to Premier Allergy because i was experiencing severe allergy symptoms that were affecting my singing voice. This is a problem for a vocal music teacher! Since starting Premier Allergy my allergy symptoms have decreased tenfold and i am able to sing correctly again. All this i am not through my year yet. The staff is always friendly and fun to work With.

- Christy F.

My allergies were so bad that my eyes and nose would run like a dripping faucet. I would go through a roll of paper towels a day. I went to the emergency room to get a steroid shot injection to get relief and they called Premier Allergy. I started their shot program and after a couple of months i had relief. I definitely recommend Premier Allergy if you have serious allergy problems.

- Patrick K.

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