Dr. Shah Finds New Kind Of Food Allergy Can Appear After Exercise

Posted on: November 5th, 2012 by Summit Shah



A link between eating, exercising and a severe allergic reaction?



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Dr. Shah seems to have found just that throughout his observations and findings that he presented at the World Allergy Conference. Throughout studies of exercising without eating beforehand and eating without exercise – Dr. Shah found that patients seem to have no unique allergic reaction. Yet when patients combine eating a particular food or meal, then partaking in some form of exercise right after, an anaphylactic or severe reaction of some sort has taken place. Sparking a clue into the reason behind this happening could be the increase in blood flow and absorption in the stomach while exercising, thus bringing to life an allergic reaction. 



Dr. Shah and one Premier Allergy patient, Donna DePalma, are captured in the video below taking an in-depth look at the severe allergic reactions she found herself experiencing within minutes of working out after eating specific foods.



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